Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jah Warrior, Ranking Joe, Trinity, U Brown - 3 The Roots Way

Jah Warrior, Ranking Joe, Trinity, U Brown - 3 The Roots Way

Another great release from the Conscious Sounds studio! They maintain a great mix between electronic instruments and other digital devices on one hand, and acoustic or analogue instruments like conga's, real horns and guitar on the other. In this release, we have UK Dubman JAH WARRIOR presenting three Jamaican deejays or toasters that have made great records during the decades that reggae exists. Presenting Trinity, Ranking Joe and U Brown, not the worst as I would say. They chat over riddims created by Jah Warrior and every track comes with an additional DUB Mix, skillfully mixed by Dougie Wardrop. The music that Jah Warrior creates, is kind of special. Completely in the spirit of Conscious Sounds, there is a mix of digital and analogue. We hear good musicians playing conga, horns, and guitar. The drums are programmed in UK Dub style: busy rhythms that make you move and groove. Some people criticize his bass sounds and there is something to say for that. A matter of taste.

I like it, this concept of having Old Skool Deejays chanting over modern rhythms. The three have done it (their roots) way, and they did a good job I must say! The style is much more relaxed than the toasting of deejays like Shabba Ranks. It's not comparable to the old stuff, it's definitely something new which you might have to get used to before you can appreciate it. In my opinion, the concept could be improved further, for example by adding some singing lines in the background.

I must say something special about the great DUB versions that accompany all titles. They are all top! According to the liner notes, the mixes were made by Dougie Wardrop. He is one of the best UK Dub mixers of this time. He also mixed the Album Sentry Meet The Musical Family, available for download at MP3.com. The seven DUB tracks alone are a good reason to buy this album.

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