Thursday, October 16, 2008

Freddie Mc Gregor - Come On Over

Freddie Mc Gregor - Come On Over

Some Reggae Artists, especially singers, release many albums with different styles. When I mention the singer Freddie Mc Gregor, many respond with that he only makes sweet poppy Reggae music, but this is only partially a true observation. Freddie Mc Gregor, a former member of the 12 Tribes of Israel organization, is also the singer of some Roots classics and conscious tunes. Just think of tracks like "Jogging" or "Big Ship", which are both true Rub a Dub/Roots classics. "Come Over" is an album mostly in the same style as the two classics that I mentioned above. When you like Big Ship, you will definitely also love this Rub a Dub album. Many of the riddims are straight on rub a dub tracks layed down by that studio band which arguably can be considered as THE Rub a Dub band, as they used to be the studio band for the legendary CHANNEL ONE (Not: Studio 1). Who? The ROOTS RADICS ofcourse.

Feel the drum and the bass as they lay down the foundation, and the instruments and effects as they accompany the mighty voice of Freddie Mc Gregor. Mighty? Yeah, there's something very powerful and majestic about his voice.

There are also a couple of tracks on the album which can't really move me, some mellow ballads (like "Go Away Pretty Woman") which would be better on a special Lover's Rock album. But the majority of tunes are really recommended, as they are Rub a Dub tunes of the highest order! Just listen to "Shortman" and you'll know what I mean. Or to his Rub a Dub rendering of Bob Marley's "Natyy Dread".

To summarize my thoughts on this album, I would definitely recommend it to each and every Rub a Dub fan, and especially those who digged Freddie Mc Gregor because of his tracks "Big Ship" and "Jogging".

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