Thursday, October 16, 2008

Aisha - True Roots

Aisha - True Roots

Mixed and created in Mad Professor's ARIWA SOUND STUDIOS in the UK comes this exceptionally energetic collection of conscious tracks in a true UK DUB tradition. Digital and analogue sounds combined with soulful and heartical vibes, everything mixed skilfully by one of the true Dub Masters. Well, as you can read, I'm kind of enthusiastic about the sound which is coming out of my speakers and without a doubt into the ears of many of my neighbours too. Aisha is a very talented Reggae vocalist, and I'm not the only one who say so. For example, well known ambient dub artist THE ORB has also used her voice.

True Roots contains 9 vocal tracks and three dubs. Vocal tracks which are also mixed in Dub style, while the singer chants her righteous lyrics over the music, the voice gets transformed. The bass is deep and heavy without pushing away the rest of the audible spectrum. This is the work of a true master of Dub, as I said before.

True Roots is specially recommended to all those who are not bothered by (Drum) Computers, especially not when they play a righteous Reggae rhythm. Because the music really is TRUE ROOTS, and Aisha knows how to ride over TRUE ROOTS riddims. The One Drop, Nyabinghi and Steppers rhythms are all represented on this album. I also recommend this album to each and everyone who is into UK DUB, because you will find that from the top to the very last drop.

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