Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Music Industry Austerity Hits The Dubroom: Hundreds Of Reviewed MP3's No Longer Available

WWW, April 2013 - Sad and bad news: it turns out that IODA has pulled the plug out of it's promotional program which provided the Dubroom visitors with hundreds of free and legal MP3 files. This means that currently, hundreds of links do no longer work and will have to be removed in the upcoming times. Truly a sad "development" for the Online (DUB) Reggae Community and for the Dubroom visitors in particular, as a true resource of available Reggae has been switched of with the touch of a button at some company HQ.
Not much is known about this move, but it seems like it has something to do with a fusion between IODA and The Orchard, a New York based company. Here's one blog about it:

The Quiet Death Of IODA Promonet

Most people don’t know what IODAPromonet is, or was. And I don’t see any news articles about it closing, so I’m making a little post to say goodbye to what was a remarkable resource. IODA (now merged with Orchard) is an online distributor of recordings: they take the music made by independent labels like the one I record for, and feed it out to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and other online music retailers and subscription services. Promonet was a site that IODA created, which gave bloggers some tools to easily post and promote music in the IODA catalog. The idea was to encouraged people to discover and promote music in the “Long Tail” – the vast, undiscovered or under-discovered bulk of contemporary recorded music. I used it extensively, posting links to hundreds of records and promotional free mp3s that I found there over the years. Word is that as of today, the site is going dark along with all the content in it. I’ll miss it. But it isn’t a huge surprise. In the evolution of music and commerce in the digital age, there are hundreds of former sites. I’ve been following this stuff since IUMA. What a long strange tail it’s been.
We could to that list as well, along with other (smaller) sites.

Now, what does this mean for the Dubroom? Apart from the obvious "austerity" as hundreds of reviewed MP3's are no longer available for download or use in future podcasts, it's kind of "back to basics" because the focus will obviously be more to the independant online producers, musicians and net labels.

In the coming weeks, links and reviews will be removed from site, forum and blogs.

 EDIT May 2012: Links have been removed from site, forum and blogs. The reviews have not been removed but remain as so-called "orphan pages", pages without any link to them. Should in the future the tracks become available again, it would then be more easy to bring them back "alive".

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  1. Well, that was quite an operation. I think about 800 pages have been edited... I'm still stucked when it comes to the podcast. I have not received any notice from the Orchard/IODA concerning providing the availability of these podcast to the online massive so I'm not gonna do anything about that. I do have to remove links there too, got to do that at the album reviews too from where I linked to mp3 sites like amazon through IODA.

    As a Dubroom visitor suggested to me, maybe there's another way which I will surely research. After all, that is a huge part of what the Dubroom is: offering reviews and links of free/legal (DUB) Reggae MP3 files. Even though I am having like a sabbathical when it comes to the online works so to speak, and my hardware is absolutely unfit to produce more music for the coming times, and I am dealing with nuff off-line stuff, I'm still determined to provide the online massive with (links to) greee/legal music of a certain quality.


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