Saturday, July 16, 2011



WWW, July 2010 - Even though you have to be able to understand the Spanish language in order to overstand the lyrics, it's clear that Spanish based Roots singer Yuanan delivered a more than fine Net Album in this July 2011 release by the Neblina Sound Net Label.

Yuanan knows how to ride a Roots Reggae riddim, that one is for sure. Roots Reggae, played by players of instruments who know what they do. Just like releases from Spanish Reggae bands such as Hot Drop and the Emeterians, Retorno al Origen contains 12 extremely tight Roots Reggae riddims which just cannot be denied their quality. The album closes of with an acoustic Spanish re-make of one of the riddims.

Twelve Roots Reggae riddims, crucially voiced by Yuanan, whose style of singing has a lot of Middle-East vibes. Because he sings in the Spanish language, those who are not able to understand the words have to go with the vibrations delivered by the talented vocalist. This is completely achieved in the Dubroom's view, one reason to add the album to the Dubroom's CreativeCommons download catalogue.

This album was released under CreativeCommons Copyright, which means you can share it provided that the original zipfile is being offered without any change. Another aspect of the CC copyright is, that no money should be made and therefor this album is offered to you free of charge. For more specific information, look to the information in the archive. When you like the music, consider visiting the Net Label's website and donate some money or feedback.

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