Monday, July 26, 2010




WWW, July 2010 - A one-hour documentary plus one hour of extra footage, a crucial booklet and a message that Babylon doesn't want the people to hear: this is the Sound System UK DUB and ROOTS Culture which spreads across Europe very quick!

When Jamaican music turned into Dancehall, the Roots sound systems in the UK were in greater need for locally produced Roots Music. There were studio's like Conscious Sounds and Ariwa providing that. Fast forward to 2008, the year in which the documentary was released, we find the Sound Systems and the Labels still struggling to forward the positive message of Reggae Music, this in spite of all the opposition.

With some historical footage and a lot of interviews with a lot of well established names with the Roots and Culture scene, "Musically Mad" is a must-see for everyone who is even remotely interested in the good vibes that true Roots Reggae Dub Music gives. Scenes from actual Sound System performances are combined with talks featuring people like Mad Professor, who genuinely asks himself and the audience just why Reggae Music is not promoted on the radio in the UK, this in spite of all the hard and positive works that the music really is.

This is a short teaser, to give you a little vibe so you know you need to have the whole package!

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