Thursday, April 29, 2010


WWW, May 2010 - The French Net Label "Original Dub Gathering" has made it's name in the online (DUB) Reggae Community for quite a while now. Their first release of this year will only add weight to that name: Introducing the Blackstarliners, original and massive UK DUB for which I and I give thanks.

They've played with Zion Train, Bush Doctors and Improvisators Dub to name just three well-known acts within UK DUB and Roots with which the Blackstarliners have been performing in Europe. They play in the same style, with the same intensiveness, intentionally heavyweight UK DUB where electronica and programmed material both take their -essential- place.

Roaring Lion is a rather short EP: 4 tracks, three titles, one remix. Hopefully this is just an appetizer because the feeling one will have after the 23 minutes or so is a feeling of wanting more. The music is just too nice, the mixes are just too good, the sistren singer sings just too well...

This is UK DUB the way UK DUB should be. Love it, or hate it. InI at the Dubroom love it!

This album was released under CreativeCommons Copyright, which means you can share it provided that the original zipfile is being offered without any change. Another aspect of the CC copyright is, that no money should be made and therefor this album is offered to you free of charge. For more specific information, look to the information in the archive. When you like the music, consider visiting the Net Label's website and donate some money or feedback.

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