Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Zema - Black Sheep

Zema - Black Sheep

When she trod her first steps on the musical field, she was only seven years old. Now in 2003 she is labelled as "one of today's top female modern Roots Reggae vocalists" and can look to a great response to the release of her 4th album. A response, which she describes to DUBROOM.com as "overwhelming", while she prepares herself for a visit to the other side of the planet for some concerts to promote Black Sheep. There's obviously a hunger for some Righteous Roots Rock Reggae and Zema (pronounced Zay-Ma) is definitely among the providers! The album was recorded in Kingston, Jamaica and contains the musical works of an impressive list artists. If you ever saw the superb Reggae movie "Rockers", you'll remember the drummer that was playing the head role. Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace drummed the rhythms on Black Sheep as well. Yabby You helped out technically. And what to say about Dean Frazer, the legendary saxophone player that featured on many classic Reggae Albums? Not to mention Skully on percussion, or Zacky (Twinkle Brothers) on keyboards. With Zema's Black Sheep you are listening to a group of Reggae Music Originators, without a doubt.

The music sounds fresh and tight and the (way too few!) Dubs contain some spaced out echo's. This is Roots Reggae, played and recorded with modern equipment. But definitely without compromise! And also without compromise are the lyrics. The words reveal the path Zema is walking on. A conscious path of walking in life with Jah, the Most High. This path can be lonely and persecution is almost galore, but it's the richest way too because (s)he that is able to praise Him in Truth and Spirit, Roots and Reggae, is free. The Black Sheep is free!

In these current times, we need more heartical and uplifting music. This album shows that it can be done. And when you know Zema's 2nd and 3rd albums, you want to have this one as well. The music has moved towards a deeper roots and the production makes sure you'll hear something new everytime you hear it. The only reason why the album hasn't a full three stars is because there are only three Dubs on the album.

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