Monday, November 10, 2008



WWW, November 2008 - Just like Dancehall, DUB definitely takes it's own way inside and outside of Reggae Music. In Pra Frentex we Step It Up on that One Way Street called DUB and let the Drum and Bass take use to Heigher Heights.

Here in the Dubroom, we often have seen the influence of DUB in what can loosely be called contemporary Digital Dance Music. Styles like House and Techno would not have been there, or would have sounded quite different.

We also see on a regular basis just what DUB as a discipline in itself is capable of. Instead of just serving as a source of inspiration for such highly popular styles in Dance Music, DUB is also continuing to develop into ever Heigher Heights.

Often crossing the realms of Reggae, too.

Or expanding them, if you will.

For DUB and Reggae are connected, arguably more than Dancehall. If only for the simple reason that the best music to create DUB with is still Reggae Music.

Just how DUB is developing, crossing or expanding the borders of Reggae, can be heard in Pra Frentex.

We hear music that represents a form of DUB which is played at parties where you can hear Techno and House in other rooms or halls. Music that still is Reggae, but definitely seeks the limits at times.


01. Ez3kiel feat Blurum 13 - Alignment
02. Pilah (Dub Addict) - Pile-Up Dub
03. Vavamuffin - Serce (by P.Lush & P.Teck)
04. Improvisators Dub - Warmonger Dub
05. Dub Plate Vibes Crew - Dub Zone
06. Iration Steppas Vs D.Rootical - Way Down in a Babylon
07. Barbes D Feat ras Rudy Gad - Black is my story
08. K2R Riddim - Ind├ępendance Dub
09. Centry - Before Christmas
10. The Bush Chemist - Light Up Your Spliff
11. Improvisators Dub - Disciples of Dub
12. Improvisators Dub - Time of Decision
13. Manutension Vs Dub Browsers - Sufferer
14. Twilight Circus feat Ranking Joe - Don't Follow Babylon
15. Liquid Wicked - Optical
16. Rusko - Mr Chips
17. Kromestar - kalawanji 2
18. Caspa & The Others - Well 'Ard
19. Uncle Sam - Round The way Girls (Tes La Rok rmx)



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