Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mad Professor - Afrocentric Dub

Mad Professor - Afrocentric Dub

Yet another masterpiece by the hands of the Mad Professor, straight out of the Asylum of Dub. This album contains some of the ruffest riddims from Mad Professor's ARIWA Studio's. Most of the ten killers are kicking DUBS from Michael Prophet's album Rootsman, which is ofcourse also an Ariwa release. Ofcourse?

Yes. Mad Professor mixes and produces music which is recorded in his own studio and he also releases the material. A common, but often misunderstood aspect of Reggae Culture. So that's why you'll find Michael Prophet on tracks attributed to Mad Professor. Or vice versa, in the case of Michael Prophet's Rootsman. Mad Professor definitely goes deeper where he stopped on that album: complicated echo's, more filters, more this and more that. When you own Rootsman, you must also have this one.

And just like "Rootsman", this album has a conscious theme. Many people complain that Dub can not have a message, which is nonsense if you just realize how much a title can say, a few words here and there can have more impact than a lyrical stream. Afrocentricic Dub has all this, too.

So much to say about this album, even before I even mentioned the magnificent Dubbing performed by Mad Professor. There is not a single part on this album in which there is not something going on. Sometimes subtle, sometimes provokingly loud. Enough to keep you playing this album again and again and again.

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