Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Culture - Cumbolo

Culture - Cumbolo

If you want to know what is Rockers Music, well, then you can always put this album in the player.

Culture's Cumbolo is a school example of Rockers Music fe true.

And not just, because Sly and Robbie lay down a solid foundation of Drum and Bass for an all star list of musicians to fill with incredible horn themes and tight riddim skanks.

Not just, because when you approach the album in a technical way you will find that this is solid music based on well thought of ideas and themes.

For there is more to Roots Music than just the technical approach. It has to do with the contents of the lyrics as well, and how they are brought.

And that is exactly, where this album enters.

Righteous Rastamen singing truth and right from the depths of their souls.

Yes, this is Rockers. Stricktly Rockers.

It makes you relaxed to fill you with energy again. It makes you strong when you feel weak. It makes you long for more.

And more.

Peter Tosh once called it "Reggaemylitus" and right he was. You'll get hooked fe true by listening to music such as you can find on Cumbolo, truly one of Culture's strongest albums.

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