Thursday, October 16, 2008

Various - Roots Of Dub Funk 2

Various - Roots Of Dub Funk 2

UK based label TANTY RECORDS comes with another document of the current runnings in the Dub scene. Tanty, home of the Dub Funk Association, puts a lot of emphasis on electronic Dub. Their first episode in the "Roots Of Dub Funk" series contained many highly experimental tracks in a genre that could not all appeal to many Reggae fans. Volume two seems to go into a more stable direction with the introduction of much more Reggae vibes and I applaud this direction, ofcourse.

First a little track-by-track description. The album opens up with a powerful riddim from the Interuptor, with some nice clavinet effects. Followed is DUBCLASH, an artist, with a deep bass rhythm. I-sonic Institute contributed the third track, using weird electronica to create an eastern environment. Next: Heavy UK Dubheads Vibronics with a spacious Dub in the typical UK Dub vibe. And from UK the way goes all down to down under, to Australia, where artist THE TECHNICIAN releases his typical Dubs of which extreme long reverbs form the most audible ingredient. The 6th track on the album is called Try Harder Dub, by artist MUNKY LEE. A cool, laid back version, using a little synthesizer over a typical roots reggae rhythm. Followed is Finn the Giant, in again a cool and laid back track that couldn't really move me. The next track on Dub Funk 2 comes from Dubital, and can best be described as Reggae Steppers created with electronica. Nice vocoding effect on the vocals. One of my favourites on this album is SOLOMON JABBY's Youth Revolution Dub, an upright rub a dub reggae rhythm, everything dubbed and played with stricktly old skool equipment. Alpha and Omega are up next with a very intense Dub mix of their Contention riddim. It's good to see, that also the Dutch Dub Chemist DUBCREATOR has also found his way on the Roots of Dub Funk series with a typical DC DUB track featuring the voice of Ras Milo. The 12th title of the album comes from Dubbers DUBFARM. Listen to a great Roots track called Jah Witness, using the same effect on the bass as Aswad's track Dub Fire and some samples from the movie Rockers. DUB ADDXX are also present on the album with a mellow Dub Reggae Rock track called Gun Ina Dub. And closing this CD was reserved for Faya Dub: Indian tabla's, nicely placed effects, eastern style fluting, bells, but still within the realms of DUB.

All in all, I think that Roots of Dub Funk 2 is a better collection then the first chapter. there is more bands on the CD with their feet strongly rooted in reggae, which is a must for creating good Dub in my perception. Where else can you find a solid drum and bassline that also tells a story? I also like the song order, the track in general getting more into roots each time. The multitude of artists are also online artist, many of them have been featured on the Dubroom. This makes the album also an interesting one. The Roots Of Dub funk series could become an objective report of the current runnings in (online) the Dub Scene, when this growing quality of choice continues!

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