Thursday, October 9, 2008

Various - AKA Dub Chapter 2

Various - AKA Dub Chapter 2

From time to time Lush Records gives us an excursion in the world of DUB under the name "a.k.a. DUB". Part one, released in October 1997 was received very well as I believe. I have found it in various collections. This new addition can give you a good insight in what's happening at the moment in the DUB-scene. In the three decades that DUB exists now, it has surely grown from a mixing technique for spicing up the B-sides of reggae singles to a whole style in itself and AKA dub is a document to prove it.

A style of music even, as DUB doesn't necessarily have to be connected with reggae anymore. I say this, because not every track on a.k.a. DUB 2 can be considered reggae. That's too bad, but there's also a lot of cool material left on this album. A suprising track from a German band called the Vision for example. Or some tracks from the Zion Train Skool that are pretty good as well. And it's nice also to see a track from Netherlands based Twilight Circus with his sound similar to Phase Selector Sound. Another very nice one is the Hydrophonics track "Fighting", based on a Johnny Osbourne sample. The final track, Vibronics' "Jahlight Jahlove" is also beautiful!. The female vocals on a dreamy, almost trippy mix sounds in my head long after the song is finished.

Some tracks however, do not really appeal to me although they can appeal to people that usually listen to house or techno. I already said not all tracks on this CD are to be considered reggae. I think that is a minor point. So I don't understand why Brooklyn based "Roots Control" names his track "Forward Roots" as to me this leans more on electronic music than on roots music. But it is part of the evolution of Dub: from the roots there are many branches. Another branch I do not find really appealing is the "Shaka meets Mad Professor inna Techno Style" (Deliverance Dub, Hughie Izachaar) That's why I don't give it two stars.

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