Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sugar Minott - Ghetto-ology And Dubs

Sugar Minott - Ghetto-ology And Dubs

"I was so naive about being a star. I just wanted to play the music. When it hit, man... look here, this picture on the cover, in the boathouse, my girlfriend made me this shirt, Big Youth gave me his old guitar, and I don't remember where I got this hat from."

Ghetto-ology: living in the ghetto.

Ghetto-ology: Originally released in 1979, Sugar's first self-produced album.

Or albums, I should say. Because Ghetto-ology originally came in two versions, a vocal and a dub album. You can hear Sugar Minott, just after he left Studio One, and before he became to know as the godfather of Rub A Dub. Most tracks were layed down at the Channel One Studios by the then relatively new Soul Syndicate. The Dubs were mixed by Prince Jammy and the unknown Lancelot Mc Kenzie at King Tubby's. Also you'll hear Freddie Mc Gregor... on dums!

Ghetto--ology comes with a small booklet, unfortunatly not as descriptive as Blood & Fire always does, but it contains a little interview with Sugar Minott, conducted in 2000. Personally, I like every track on this album, especially the dubs. They all deal with conscious subjects and there's a good mix between militant steppers and one drops. Spiritually uplifting, definitly! Where you hear so many rich people say they do not believe in Jah because of all the suffering, it is the sufferer's themselves that cry unto JAH. The dubs all have a completely different musical atmosphere then their vocal counterparts. A suberb master piece of mixing, I must say.

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