Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Scientist Dubs Culture Into A Paralel Universe

Scientist Dubs Culture Into A Paralel Universe

This is the DUB version of Culture's excellent Roots Reggae release "Payday". It is mixed by one of the true legends of DUB: Scientist, the Dub specialist. His hands are faster than the speed of light, and he sounds like dynamite! Aha, yes, with this album he proves to still be among the top of the Dubmasters!

I am happy that Scientist hasn't lost his energy, because the same wild style of mixing that I know from, for example, the Greensleeves series, I find it back on this release. And that is not the only thing that reminds me of these classics, because the cover also comes in Comic book style and portrays the artists as superhero's like Batman and Superman. The tracks have impressing titles inna Science Fiction Style: "Beam me up, Dubby", and " Intergalactic Excursion" to name but two. All these things together form the ingredients for a Dubwize Experience Extra-Ordinary!

Although there are many similarities with older releases, this CD should not be viewed as "Retro" at all. It is obvious that here we can hear a Mature Scientist: someone with decades of Dub experience. The skilful use of digital effects and recording techniques prove that DUB is still strong, in fact it becomes a more contemporary style of music every day.

There's an interview with Scientist as well, in which he describes the difference between King Tubby and Scientist on one side and Lee Perry on the other. Scientist explains: "His (L.P.) remixes are different from ours: Scratch doesn't have the same edge. Like what Tubby and I have... we actually manipulate the equipment to get what we want. He knows music, but as far as the electronic side..."

The only Retro-aspect on this album I do not like, is the length. It's 47 minutes long and contains 11 tracks. It would have been nice to have some bonus tracks as well. But, it is a good thing to see that the Scientist still releases masterworks. So go buy this one if you're into the wild style of the Scientist.

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