Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Root Awakening - Roots Tonic

Root Awakening - Roots Tonic

Root Awakening belongs to the tightest reggaebands from the United States, which they definitly prove on their CD "Roots Tonic", avalaible from the MP3.com Digital Automated Music label. The group has played as backing band for the legendary Jamaican reggae singers The Congo's and have a regular appearance in the MP3.com Reggae Charts. Roots Tonic is a selection of ten tracks, of whom three are really good worked out Dub versions. the nice thing with this band anyway is that they incorporate a lot of dubwise in their authentic roots music which increases the listening pleasure extensively! A full instrumentation, backing vocals, and heavy rhythms that are guaranteed to make you move your dancing feet. The sound is rough and heavy and the drum and bass rock hard. I like most of the tracks, Take the Time plus Dub being my favorite one on this album. But actually, I like them all but one. There is one love-song on the album too which I don't really see as the best reggae ever created, but I'm not such a lovers-rock fan anyway. Lucky for me it's only one track hehehe.

Many reggae bands have a tendencee of putting too much complex parts in their music, Root Awakening is also not afraid of doing that, but not in the usual, almost disturbing manner.

This album is currently out of print. This review is placed for historical reasons.

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