Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jah Warrior - Dub Storm

Jah Warrior - Dub Storm

Apart from Jamaica, the UK has also been a place from which very heavy dub has been created. Names like the Mad Professor, Dennis Bovell and Jah Shaka are the big names from there. And now, in this last year of the 20th century, we have a strong movement called the UK Roots. Heavy Roots Reggae Dub Riddims, created with the help of digital instruments and technology. One of the best known names in this movement is Alpha and Omega. But they are certainly not the only one.

London Based JAH WARRIOR has opened his vaults for Swedish label Lush Records and delivered unto them 12 previously unreleased dub tracks. This collection gives an impression of the last three years in the works of Jah Warrior. A work which should not be underestimated. His dubs are often very wild and intense, there is heavy effects, varying from a real "Tubby feel" to the 80's style of the Mad Professor and Jah Shaka. But in no way is the Warrior an imitator, he continues where his forerunners stopped. He makes heavy use of synthesizers and (drum)computers, but not only. Did I hear a bassguitar on some tracks? Speaking of bass, one of the few minor points on this CD is the choice of the bass sound. Not every bass instrument that Jah Warrior uses I like. There is one particular synthbass sound on some of the tracks (unity dub, african gold) that I do not like. It doesn't have a nice attack. The Warrior really knows how to give drums a dub treat. I think this belongs to his strongest points. He is very creative in combining Effects (EQ, Reverb, Delay, Phaser) and using them to the max.

Some of the tracks on the CD are really chill-out stylee, other are militant UK steppers, or in between. But each and every one of his tracks contain that wild intensive use of effect devices. If you like the modern sounds of Alpha and Omega, and the Mad Professor, you will also like Jah Warrior.

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