Thursday, October 16, 2008

Israel Vibration - Israel Dub

Israel Vibration - Israel Dub

When the CD was introduced, many albums were re-released on this new format.

Because a Compact Disc can contain more then vinyl, a lot of time you had the opportunity of buying two albums on one disc, a thing that doesn't happen so much anymore. This album is sort of the same.

It contains eighteen Tracks, over one hour, of stricktly Dubwise Style! In fact, Israel Dub contains the Dub versions from what could be considered the two best albums created by Israel Vibration: their debut album "Same Song", and their second, "Unconquered People", played by the Wailers.

Israel Vibration, a vocal harmony trio from Jamaica, are able to put a very special sound on tape. Their voices have touched the hearts of many. Seeing them live was a very special experience for me too. It is said, that Gadman, the leader of the 12 Tribes of Israel, was involved in the production of "Same Song".

The Vibes have been known members of this organization for a very long time. Unfortunately they are not together anymore at the moment I am writing this (February 2002), but this is just another reason to treasure the recordings that they've made threegether. And, as said before, some great recordings are being dubbed on this album.

The first half is reserved for the Dubs of their debut album the Same Song, originally released in 1978. All ten tracks re-call the original vibe of the vocal album. They are a welcome addition to it! The vocals are mixed in and out on very "strategic points", and giving you enough to meditate over, especially when you know the original album. But even if you don't, you will be able to catch the vibe still. And it's a crucial vibe, which can only be established when you have an all star session band backing up some very talented singers.

When track 11 starts, you'll instantly know that the time has come to listen to the Dubs from Unconquered People. Where the dubs from Same Song recalled the atmosphere on the vocal album, "Unconquered" is different and really stands on it's own as a dub album. Originally released in 1980, it's quite interesting to hear digital sounds in the music and in the mix, a thing completely absent in the 1978 recording of Same Song. The band is also different, as said before, this is music played by the Wailers. You can hear Carlton Barrett's famous One Drop in a dubwise style. Unfortunately, Israel Dub doesn't contain the Dubs from all tracks of the vocal album. And it's also not dubbed so psychedelically as the first half. "Survival Dub", for example, contains a saxophone solo that goes on throughout the whole song. But that is not a disadvantage in my view, it just shows the versatility of DUB.

Summarized, Israel Dub is well worth it's money: there are nuff different vibes, the CD is really packed to the max with almost 70 minutes of music. It captures the special sound of Israel Vibration and adds the Dub Vibe on top of it.

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