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WWW, November 2007 - Green Up Sounds hails from Santa Cruz, California (USA). They know how to nice up the dance in the 21st century with a selection of specials and crucial rhythms.

The founder of the "War on Drugs" may have gone senile and died some while ago, Ronald Reagan's crazy experiment is still terrorizing the world. In the USA, you can go to jail for life if the pole-ice gets you with a little bit of ganja for the third time.

People who grow a little bit of weed even risk their life as shoot-horny police-officers may shoot to kill just because they feel so. And, by the way, make some money in the process as Ronald Reagan's "War on Drugs" makes many people rich, including police officers who are basically above the law.

It is in this context, that we meet with the Green-Up sound from California, USA. 72 Minutes of pure niceness, in which some strong promotion of collie weed takes a prominent place. What else can you expect with a name like that?

Big up for the Freedom Fighters!

Sure, they know how to rock a party "American Style". Interesting combinations of hip hop and dancehall, seamlessly playing one rhythm after the other: even special mixes are there.



01. NiyoRah - Pounds Around Us - Green Up Dubplate Remix
02. Pressure - Ganja - Green Up Dubplate Remix
03. Ancient King - Got To Get The Best - Green Up Dubplate Remix
04. MC Lyte - Cold Rock A Party - Upstate Remixes
05. 50 Cent - Window Shopper rmx - Bombist
06. Blu Cantrell & Sean Paul - Breathe rmx - Bombist
07. Bob Marley, Cham, Foxy Brown, Buju, Snoop,etc. - Waiting In Vein Megamix - Mashitup Kru/ Jiggy Remixes
08. Mr. Vegas, Alozade, Hollow Point - Under Mi Sensi - Soul Jazz Remix
09. Cham - Pledge Clap - Juggla Remix
10. Buju Banton & Richie Spice - Sensimilla rmx - Green Up Remix
11. Stephen Marley, Damian Marley, Snoop - Traffic Jam rmx - Ghetto Youth
12. Mimms, Sean Kingston, Vegas, Kartell - Like This Remix - Dual Track
13. Missy Elliott, Buju Banton, Rihanna - Unfaithful Reggaeton rmx - Jiggy
14. Movado - Weh Dem A Do rmx - White Label
15. Cassidy - I'm A Hustla rmx - Bombist
16. Beyonce - Ring The Alarm rmx - Bombist
17. Lil Jon & E40 - Snap Yo Fingers - Bombist
18. TOK - Protect rmx - Satern Mix
19. Busta Rhymes - Whoo Haa rmx - Stix
20. Buju Banton - Champion rmx - Mr Moneybags
21. Capleton - Dead Prophet - Juggla Remix
22. Top Cat - Gallist rmx - White Label
23. General Levy - True You Body rmx - White Label



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