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WWW, December 2007 - Musically, the Drum Song Riddim incorporates the Nyabinghy rhythm as well as the standard Reggae rhythm. So in a way, "Drum Song Style" really refers to a specific style!

When you dance on an ultra-new Dancehall release, chances are you're really dancing on a decades-old riddim first played in Studio One. The Drum Song riddim has it's cradle in that studio too, when Jackie Mittoo released the tune back in 1967 (Source:

With a very monotonous bassline and a drum that resembles the Nyabinghy as much as the standard Reggae rhythm, the riddim has served as backing for many, many conscious and spiritual tunes by just too many artists to mention.

"Drum Song Style" contains an excellent selection of twenty-one tracks incorporating the Drum Song Riddim. The nice thing is, that the riddim is used in so many different variations, that you don't even realize how you're listening to a one-riddim mix and that says a thing given the fact that the podcast lasts well over 50 minutes.


01. Jackie Mittoo - Drum Song
02. Jim Nastic - Chanting
03. Jim Nastic & Soul Vendors - Chanting Version
04. Devon 'Soul' Russell - Drum Song
05. Badoo - Rockin' Of The Ten Thousand
06. King Tubby - Dubbin' Of The Ten Thousand
07. King Tubby - Class One Dub
08. Ronnie Davis - Jah Jah Jehoviah
09. King Tubby & The Aggrovators - Jah Jah Version
10. The Jays - Lets Give Thanks and Praises
11. Prince Far I - Every Time I Hear the Word
12. Prince Far I - PSALM 1
13. The Wackies Rhythm Force - Drum Song
14. Jah Stitch - Make a Joyful Noise to Jah
15. Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - Power Pack
16. Scientist - Drum Song Dub
17. Willie Lindo - Drum Song
18. Augustus Pablo - Drum Song
19. Devon Russell - Money Problem
20. Jackie Mittoo - Brain Mark
21. Jackie Mittoo Featuring Marjorie Whylie - Drum Song



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